vineri, 18 iulie 2008

The Last Goodnight - Stay Beautiful

Don't stop, Don't change, Stay beautiful
One life, Today, You're irresistible
Get up, Get out, Stay wonderful
All this time is waiting for you
Don't stop, Don't change, Stay beautiful

joi, 10 iulie 2008

I am back

Actually I am back from Sunday night, but I did not have neither the time nor the mood to write on the blog. And as I don’t think that there is anyone waiting for me to update this, I just took my time.
Ahhhh.... I wanna go back!! It was a great weekend. The weather could have been better, but after all it was all good. The water was sometimes really cold but that did not stop us to get into the sea. Sunday, was the best day. The weather was great, the water was great, and the waves were amazing. We just could not get out of the water.. litterally.
What most impressed me in this little vacation was not the Black Sea, not the fun that we had, but my nephew Mario. This little 2 years and a half old little guy was amazing. He staid awake almost as much as us without any complaining. This kid is amazing, you just don’t notice he is around. He is the best child a parent could have. You can not avoid loving him. I wish someday I have a kid like him. I just love him!!!!
On Saturday me, Dan, his sister and another good friend Mihaela, were the only ones that were able to wake up at 4.30 am to see the sunrise. So we went to the beach with a bottle of champagne! This was my plan for this birthday: to see the sunrise and have a glass of champagne with my friends on the beach!! And so it happened.
Actually all Saturday was special: Marian, Miha's future husband, sang me happy birthday all day long. At night there was an old guy singing on the violin, and Dan asked him to sing for me happy birthday. And so he did! :D That was cool too!!
So it's easy to see why I loved this weekend!! :D And I want more! Maybe we can go to the mountains, till august when we are going to Turkey. :D
Next Sunday there are reasons to celebrate again: it's saint's Ilie day!!! So celebrate me again!!! hehehe
Sunrise in Costinesti - constanta

joi, 3 iulie 2008

Out for the weekend.

I am going to the seaside to see the sunrise!
What a birthday this will be! Has to be! :D

See ya next week!

marți, 1 iulie 2008

1 iulie!!!

O dimineata un pic mai racoroasa decat cele din ultimul timp. O dimineata in care am chef sa beau o cafea. Desi sunt o bautoare de cafea, in ultima saptamana, probabil din cauza caldurii prea mari, nici nu m-am putut gandi la cafea!!

A inceput luna iulie!! A inceput luna mea!!!

Ce dimineata frumoasa!!!!