joi, 22 ianuarie 2009

un alt fel de dragoste.

Dureaza cateva secunde. Urmariti-l! Avem de invatat!

3 comentarii:

Profe spunea...

It would've been interesting to see what happens if there were no fence in between. I don't think the lion wanted to kiss the guy.

Patience spunea...


There's a woman there and not a man :P And besides I do believe it's not about violence, cause if it were about that, the fence could not have stop the lion to give the woman a good "punch".

Tu sabes spunea...

ooops,:-O a woman ajjajajaja, yes, it is not about violence but, a lion will always be a lion, a wild animal and one may think it is doing something when actually it is trying to do something else. por que escribo en ingles? mejor te escribo en espanol next time. hmmm, si, en espanol.