marți, 27 ianuarie 2009

A venit primavara

Ai vazut?! A venit primavara!
Au aparut GHIOCEII!!!

Abia ii asteptam :)

Duminca am primit primul buchetel!! Si asta mi-a luminat ziua!!

Desi ianuarie abia se sfarseste, eu va doresc pe de acum o primavara plina de viata!!

4 comentarii:

You know spunea...

Thanslation please!! jeejejjejej :P, is this like a poem or something?

You know spunea...

hmmmm, So first you wanted christmas to last forever and now you want spring to come fast hmmm

Patience spunea...

So, i guess you found some kind of translation :)
And about what i wanted for Christmas, was its spirit to last all the year long, not Christmas itself. :)
And about spring, I love it! It has something special, like all the others seasons :) I love the flowers, and i love "the green" that poops in :)

You know ;-) spunea...

yes I know it was its spirit, that is what I wrote isn't it :P jajajaj, and yes, I found some kind of translation well, at least I think I understood a bit. better than nothing!!