joi, 5 iulie 2007

Multi ani traiascaaaaa... EUUUU!!!!

In sfarsit e ziua mea. Am mai pus un an. Continui sa ma mir cat de repede trece timpul.

Parca ieri eram in clasa intai:)

Abia le astept!!!

Astazi nu o sa fie petrecere prea mare, dar weekendul suna promitator! Sambata intalnire cu prietenii mei dragi :D iar duminica gaseala in familie.. un gratar o atentie ceva. :D

Abia astept!!!

Deocamdata sunt la servici si ma rog sa treaca timpul mai repede. Cool, nu? :D
Happy birthday.....

Yes... Yes... Yes.... finally my birthday!!!!! hehehehehe
I wish the circumstances were different, but i have to take what i (dont) have.
Not gonna party that much today.. but the weekened sound promising :D I will meet my friends and (them) get drunk... hopefully! And sunday it's family time:)
I cant wait!!!

2 comentarii:

tu sabes spunea...

La multi Ani!!!!, a couple of years late though ajajajajaaaa, plop ^_^

Patience spunea...

I would say it's very early, not very late :)

Thank you!!

BTW, i dont know when it;s your b-day!!