sâmbătă, 18 august 2007

What's Up Lonely ?

I cant find my place. I am missing something: half of my soul, probably.
I am at my house, trying to do something, anything, to help me stop thinking about it. Lately I have done many new things, some were written here, some not. I haven't said no to any invitation I had, even though i wasn't in the mood to do anything at the time, just because i knew that it will help the time pass faster.
I have friends that are with me, that even if they don't know it, they are a big help for me. But at the end at the day where I come home, I am still alone. And you tell me "Who doesn't long for someone to hold?"
It hurts to say, but i think it's time to give up the dreams i had, just admit this fairytale gone bad, and leave it all behind me.

"There's no more rabbits in my hat to make things right"

I need to move on. But move on to what? It doesn't seam like there is something out there for me. Or maybe I just didn't look.

3 comentarii:

Tu sabes spunea...

I think I feel a bit like this.

You know spunea...

did you really fell like this back then?

Patience spunea...

Yes, i really felt like that back then. It was part of me, and it was the best way i knew how to handle it!